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Company History and Philosophy

How We Got Started

Although founded in April of 2004, Tomarc's of Troy actually had its conceptual beginnings back in the mid-1960s. I was a young high school student who watched and assisted my mom, Jane, in a small, part-time home business. Mom wanted to supplement the family income by making "finger food sandwiches" or canapés. She spent hours and days developing different spreads and mixes to use on her tasty creations. Her customer list consisted of various associations, clubs, and church organizations that bought these morsels for their social gatherings or private parties. Flavor was so very important to her, and her little delicacies became quite popular throughout the Capital District.

I have spent the majority of my adult life working as a sales representative for different companies. Throughout this time, I have been fortunate to travel to different regions of the country and sample the local foods. I have discovered that the vast majority of us love food that has good taste, and we often attempt to make our home-cooked meals patterned after some of these regional flavors.

Flash Forward

A couple of years ago I decided to provide a small holiday gift item to give friends and co-workers. I love to experiment with food, and developed a simple, yet zesty spice blend, almost Cajun, to use as a gift. Three holiday seasons later, many of these folks were urging me to put a label on my spice blend and bring it to market for sale. Upon consulting with Char, my partner in life, as well as my son Marc, an accomplished chef, and several months of initial research and planning, I bottled my first saleable product — "Original Spice Kick." In order to find out if I even had a product of worth, it was decided that the best avenue to market was through craft fairs and food festivals. Starting with just four flavor varieties, we began selling at these shows, and the response was — and still is — incredible. You meet some of the finest people on earth at these venues.

One of the initial customers at the very first show was thrilled to see and taste something uniquely different and was genuinely excited about my little business. He exited the booth with all four of my blends, and left behind precious words of advice: "Don't try to be everything to everyone. Develop your line carefully, and proceed at a controlled pace."

Tomarc's Looks to the Future

Well, we have expanded the Kitchen Kick'n line cautiously, with even more blends to consider. We are reaching farther out geographically in the craft show circuit, and we are also seeking some specialty retail outlets. Obviously, if you are reading this page, you have found our online store, and I sincerely hope that you will use it, enjoy it, and contribute to it.

My aim, my mission, my resolve is to remain dedicated to providing you, the customer, with the finest-quality, best-tasting, and easiest-to-use spice blends that will enhance your cooking and dining experience.

For now, please shop us here, contact us, or come visit our booth at any of our upcoming shows (see event schedule).

Be Creative,
Tom LaChapelle
Founder & Owner

Spice Table at Craft Fair

We've been here at the festival all day, and this is
the best-tasting product line we've had all day.
 — Anonymous,
at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival