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How to Use Our Homemade Spice Products



Sriracha Garlic Kick: Sriracha has developed into the flavor enjoyed by the millennial generation. Originating in Thailand as a liquid product, we have taken this to a new level with an exciting combination of spices to form a dry blend. It provides a moderate level of "heat," with plenty of tangy accents, and a touch of sweetness. Sriracha Garlic Kick just tastes like "FUN." You can add it to pasta, salsa, rice, and of course vegies. Incorporate in marinades, soups, and sauces. Try it on burgers, roasts, meatloaf, mac & cheese, even wings. Spice up dips, spreads, chili, and mayo. For the oven, grill, or smoker, Sriracha Garlic Kick is a terrific rub for meats, fish, chicken, and more. SRIRACA GARLIC KICK is so good, it is almost "EROTIC."

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Seafood Rubn Kick

Seafood Rub'n Kick: We were attempting to develop a much requested rub for Salmon. After extensive trial and error, we are proud to now offer a rich and flavorful combination of spices for virtually any fish dish. Whether you enjoy ocean based seafood, or local fish from the lakes or streams, this rub is the ideal enhancement. No one spice dominates, yet when combined they create a rich, tasty, delicate balance of fantastic flavor. Apply as a dry rub, or over a drizzle of olive oil, plus you can add this blend to a mix of bread crumbs or panko, or add to a liquid batter. This savory sensation is great for those watching their weight, or just plain cooking lighter. It's terrific for baking, grilling, roasting, or frying. Easily adapts to your chicken or pork recipes. If the fish know that you have this at home, they'll be jumping into the net...

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Southwest Espresso Rub

Southwest Espresso Rub'n: This is probably the most unique rub that we have ever offered. With just a cordial release of spicy heat, this blend jumps out with GREAT flavors. No meat, fish, or poultry is exempt from its usage. Use it on the grill, in the oven, or in a smoker. The rich espresso bean powder and Dutch cocoa combined with garlic, onion, chili powders and more, give this rub the magic for your meals. Weve waited for years to come to market with this combination, and it has been well worth the wait. In addition to using it as a dry rub, you can also add it to sauces, or create an exciting marinade. You are only limited by your own way of thinking. Your family, friends, and dinner guests will rave about your culinary talents.

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Chipotle Garlic Kick

Chipotle Garlic Kick: Now you can make any meal a Southwest original for family and friends. Sprinkle on beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc. Chipotle flavor is a great addition to homemade salsa, salads, soups and stews. Chipotle Garlic Kick can be added to mayo for a terrific spread, or just add to sour cream for a distinctive salad dressing. Add some to a little oil,vinegar, and lemon or lime juice for a simple marinade, or use as a dry rub. Obviously this is a terrific product when making tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, and any other TEX-MEX recipe. This can also substitute for recipes calling for adobo. The only thing missing is a margarita!!!

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Garlic Shake'n Kick

Garlic Shake'n Kick: Tomarc’s offers the ultimate blend that will satisfy any “garlic lover’s” cravings. This incredible combination can be added to almost any recipe from your appetizers and salad, all the way through to the dessert table. Chuck loaded with minced, granulated, and roasted garlic, plus the addition of a few added tasty spices, we provide a great garlic spanking for your meals. When you order anything from us, then this is a “MUST HAVE.”

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Papa Tom's Burger Bite'n

Papa Tom's Burger Bite'n: 

Here’s a seasoning blend that will give you an explosion of flavor for all your ground meat recipes.  Burgers, meatloaf, goulash, and more will all benefit from this fabulous addition.  With an absolute minimum of effort, you can mix it, rub it on, or just sprinkle it on as a finish to any of your favorite dishes.  Feel free to use Burger Bite’n on beef, pork, turkey, chicken, even tofu.  Let your imagination run “wild” in your preparation, and let your palate enjoy the dividends.  Yummmmmy!

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Onion Luv'n Kick

Onion Luv'n Kick: This is the blend that we've been dying to create. Toasted Onion, minced onion, roasted garlic, and other spices provide an outstanding rub for all your meat and fish dishes. Great on veggies, especially potatoes. Gives a French Onion flavor to gravies, stews, soups, and salads. A capful to a pint of sour cream will give you an outrageous Onion Dip. This is perhaps the very best blend that we've introduced. Onion Lovers...this is awesome!!!
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Chick'n Kick

Chick'n Kick: Here's a blend that "Even the chicken will know why she crossed the road." Traditional flavors of New England cooking such as sage, marjoram, thyme and others, plus a Tomarc twist make for a terrific dry rub or marinade base for your poultry cooking. Delicious in your bird stuffing, soups, salads and stews. Even has the aroma of your Thanksgiving bird stuffing.
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Original Spice Kick

Original Spice Kick: A unique and tasty spice blend that adds flavor, with a little heat to virtually any meat, chicken, or fish. Use it before, during, or after cooking. Add zest to soups, salads, stews, and dips. Great on potatoes, rice, and pasta. Some use it as a Cajun spice blend. Similar to "Bam," yet with far less salt.
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Spiedie Mix'n

Spiedie Mix'n: An absolutely awesome marinade when combined with oil, vinegar, and lemon juice. It's a Western New York favorite for use on cubes of chicken, beef, pork, venison, or lamb. Kabobs on the grill or under the broiler will never taste the same again. Loaded with garlic, this mix can also be used in sauces, soups, or salads.
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Mex-A-Kick'n: "South of the Border" flavors are captured in this original blend. Formulated for versatility for all of your Mexican cuisine, this spice medley will truly enhance your tacos, salsas, fajitas, or any other meal. With just a spanking of heat, this is a "family-friendly" recipe that will excite your taste buds, and have you shouting "Olé!"
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Smoke'n Garlic Kick

Smoke'n Garlic Kick: An imaginative Tomarc's original, combining the great taste of garlic, lemon peel, some kick'n spices, and a robust flavoring of hickory. This blend is great on salads, vegetables, and stir-fry; and a terrific add-on to meats and fish at the end of cooking. A truly unique flavor experience for the garlic lover.
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Steak'n Kick

Steak'n Kick: A cross between Montréal, Chicago, and Omaha, this flavorful blend of seasonings has been created as a "rub" to enhance the taste of steaks, chops, ribs, and other meat dishes. Not overly hot, but just enough kick to let you know that there is still "Moo in the Meat." Provides a nice crusting to lock in meat flavors. Great on the grill!
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BBQ Rub'n Kick

BBQ Rub'n Kick: For the grill, the oven, or even an indoor rotisserie, Tomarc's has combined a mix of sweet and hot spices for a fantastic rub for chicken, pork, ribs, or fish. Use it as a dry rub, or as a base for homemade barbeque sauce. Provides a flavorful crust, with a little after-kick, yet does not overpower your dish.
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Fiery Jerk'n Kick

Fiery Jerk'n Kick: A hot spicy seasoning rub with authentic Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper and other tropical spices. Can be used as a dry rub or as a mix for a marinade, to prepare a "jerk" for chicken, pork, or fish. A heat lover's challenge, yet not formulated to blow your head off your shoulders and make you forget what you are eating.
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Italian Boot'n Kick

Italian Boot'n Kick: You don't have to be Italian to cook like one. A delicious blend of basil, garlic, oregano, rosemary, and other traditional spice seasonings with a little "boot," this spice makes a great add-on to any part of your Italian cuisine. From sauces to soups, meats to marinade, pasta and pizza...and more. Mangia, mangia!
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Fiesty Onion Kick

Fiesty Onion Kick: An unbelievably great-tasting combination of onion flavors, mushrooms, savory spices, and a little "heat." This blend is terrific for just about any non-dessert recipe when onion is suggested. Absolutely sumptuous as a dip mix when guests arrive. Try it in soups, salads, or appetizers, and on all of your entrées.SALT FREE.
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Bloody Rub'n Kick

Bloody Rub'n Kick: Enhance any meat dish with this exciting rub. Plenty of horseradish powder, garlic, onion, and other spices that will perk up roasts, beef, pork, or chicken. Sprinkle on fish or salads. Add to deviled eggs. The real secret is that this blend is an outstanding spicy add on for your Virgin or Bloody Mary's. Eat it or drink it, it's all good.
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Zesty Garlic Kick

Zesty Garlic Kick: Want garlic? A little zip? Tomarc's has created the ultimate blend that will take you on an irresistable taste adventure. Enhances the flavor of whatever it touches, and allows your culinary imagination to run wild..., and with exciting results.
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Citrus n Garlic Kick

Citrus n' Garlic : Garlic rules, only this time we've combined it with an array of citrus flavors that is just terrific on fish and poultry. Let your imagination run wild with this exciting, salt free, low heat blend. Great to have in the kitchen or at the outdoor grill. Enhances the taste of your salads as well.
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Maple Garlic Kick

Maple Garlic Kick: Experience the great taste of natural Maple Sugar, surrounded by the fabulous flavor of Garlic and other spices in this unique blend. Use it as a dry rub, or as a condiment to virtually any meal, especially fish. A great Northeast original from Tomarc?s that truly exemplifies our "No Rules In Cooking" philosophy.

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Maple Sprinklen Kick

Maple Sprinklin: Great in the morning on toast, bagels, or cereal, as well as in the evening on ice cream, cakes, cookies or in coffee. This is a Kick'n sweet blend of organic Maple Sugar, cinnamon, and other flavorful spices that will have you smack'n your lips. Your kids and grandparents will love this one.

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The variety and quality of these spices are amazing. They help perk up the most ordinary meal. Despite the assortment of spices, my all-time favorite is still the "Original" Spice Kick.
 — B.W.,
Troy, NY

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