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Bloody Rub'n Kick

Bloody Rub'n Kick

Enhance any meat dish with this exciting rub. Plenty of horseradish powder, garlic, onion, and other spices that will perk up roasts, beef, pork, or chicken. Sprinkle on fish or salads. Add to deviled eggs. The real secret is that this blend is an outstanding spicy add on for your Virgin or Bloody Mary's. Eat it or drink it, it's all good.

Order in quantity and enjoy big savings!

Prices for all our blends are as follows:

BUY 1 - $7.00
BUY 2 - $6.75 each
BUY 3 - $6.50 each
BUY 4 - $6.25 each
BUY 5 or more - $6.00 each