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Our Customers Rave

Kudos for Kitchen Kick'n

Great Variety and Quality

The variety and quality of these spices are amazing. They help perk up the most ordinary meal. Despite the assortment of spices, my all-time favorite is still the "Original" Spice Kick.
   — B.W. (Troy, NY)

Incredibly Versatile

I have to admit I use your spices on just about everything, hot and cold dishes, and I have yet to find one I don't like. They're really incredible.
   — S.S. (Latham, NY)

"High Marks!"

The soldiers are in love with your product. We have only been able to use it a few times but all gave it high marks. We used it with canned ham, sliced, and bbq on a disposable bbq that we got from the PX and used the Smoke'n Garlic Kick ... delicious!!
   — JW - sgm (42d Infantry Division G1 Sergeant Major -Tikrit, Iraq)

"Midnight Snack"

I wanted a little something sweet before going to bed. So, I made some toast and shook some of your Maple Sprinkle'n on it. A half a loaf of bread later, I crawled into the sack. Incredible my brother loves it on ice cream.
   — ER (Waterford, NY)


The possibilities are truly endless for those that are creative in the kitchen, and you've given a foolproof spice blend for those that may consider themselves "cooking-challenged"...I can't say enough about them — they're wonderful.
   — A.M.D. (South Troy, NY)

Spices That Flavor Without Overwhelming

...the nice part about your spice mix is that it adds flavor and enhances whatever recipe you are using, but it doesn't overpower the taste with excessive heat.
   — C.P. (Albany, NY)

Send More!

I need to order more products. My daughter went back to college and raided all my bottles for her dorm room, and they LOVE them.
   — H.F. (Speigletown, NY)

The Quality Speaks for Itself

We've been here at the festival all day, and this is the best-tasting product line we've had all day.
   — Anonymous (overheard at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival)

Become a Hero in the Kitchen

I bought the STEAK'N KICK a few weeks ago at the Ballard School Show, used it on some steaks on the grill that night, and my family went BALLISTIC over the great taste. You've got a tremendous product there.
   — K.G. (Glens Falls, NY, at the Saratoga Holiday Festival)

Buy One...or Buy 'em All!

I've tried all the Kick'n spices to date and I love the flavor and tone they lend to whatever you use them on.
   — A.F. (Lansingburgh, NY)

It's One of Our Favorites Too

I have always loved fresh garlic, the smell, the taste. I never thought a mix could ever give the same, if not better, taste and smell. If you love garlic, try the SMOKE'N GARLIC KICK, it is awesome.
   — D.P. (Albany, NY)

Picky Eaters Perk Up

My kids are extremely picky at what they'll eat. Last night I used the SALT-FREE SPICE KICK on some chicken breasts and they couldn't get enough. It was great.
   — J.L. (Delmar, NY)

Makes a Great Gift

I spoke with my mom in Florida last night and she is still raving about the spice blends that I gave her for Christmas. She uses them on everything from meats to veggies and dressings and commented on how most blends she has used in the past are so salty and yours aren't at all. A meal doesn't go by that she doesn't use your blends. We're all really enjoying them.
   — D.M. (Johnstown, NY)