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Tasty Gift Ideas

Steak and potatos When you think of food, you most certainly think of flavor, something that whets your appetite. Well, at Tomarc's of Troy we love food, and we love great flavor. That is why we have created, and developed, a fantastic line of seasoning blends and rubs; we hope they will capture and excite your taste buds.

To make this exclusive line, we shop for the finest and freshest spices and herbs from around the world. Each recipe is initially blended and tested by a diverse group of home cooks (like you!), then tweaked to provide the best measurement and combination to maximize the desired results.

Currently we are only shipping to destinations within the 48 U.S. continental states. Quantity discounts will be applied at checkout.

View: A Tasty Gift 3-Pack

A Tasty Gift 3-Pack

The perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook. Select 3 spice mixtures of your choice.

View: A Tasty Gift 4-Pack

A Tasty Gift 4-Pack

The perfect gift for would-be chefs. Select 4 spice mixtures of your choice.

View: A Tasty Gift 8-Pack

A Tasty Gift 8-Pack

The perfect gift. Pick from the selections below to add 8 spice mixtures to your gift box.