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Gluten Free

Kitchen Kick'n Products are Gluten Free!

Since our very first craft fair, people have always been asking us, "What is in your products?" The primary concern throughout our product design was to have a flavorful family of blends that are rich in spices yet low in salt, or even salt-free. At one of these fairs, a customer questioned us as to any content of gluten from wheat.

To be honest, we had never researched this area and soon found out that millions of Americans suffer from celiac disease, or celiac sprue, which affects the intestines and this organ's ability to digest and process certain types of food. People with this condition are highly "allergic" to gluten in their diet.

Unfortunately, gluten can be found in many of the basic grain foods that are considered staples of a normal diet, such as wheat, rye, oats, and barley. As a result, people who are gluten-intolerant may be limited in the foods they are able to safely ingest, and their meal times — which should be a time of fun and enjoyment — are often characterized by blandness and lack of variety.

Say NO! to Boring Meals

We have taken a hard look at each ingredient in every formulation of our existing line of spice blends and have found that they are simply ideal for anyone who likes good-tasting food but needs to avoid gluten. For example, our "Original Spice Kick" blend has an ingredient list of: Paprika, Salt, Garlic Powder, Cayenne, Black Pepper, Onion Powder, Mustard, and Spices. The garlic and onion powders are pure dehydrated garlic and onion, without any need for fillers that may contain glutens from wheat.

Some of our spice blends may have in the ingredients list something called Silicon Dioxide, which is added to prevent caking. This is a safe, gluten-free, and FDA-approved food additive.

We have a new awareness of the dietary restrictions placed on our gluten-intolerant customers and those with celiac disease. We are proud to say that the entire line of Kitchen Kick'n spice blends is, and will remain, gluten-free.

Tomarc's of Troy is proud to say that the entire line of "Kitchen Kick'n" spice blends is,
and will remain, completely gluten-free.
 — Tom LaChapelle