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Here's a few of our favorite links that we just want to thank, and to introduce to you if you don't already know of them...

Gluten Intolerance Group - a terrific organization providing a wealth of information, support, and education to those afflicted with celiac disease and other allergies.

Grill Charms, Inc. - Here's an item that is the "backyard" barbeque chefs dream. Handy little identifiers to mark your meats or vegies that are on the grill to determine spiciness, temperature, or individual choice. Similar to "Wine Charms," these make a terrific gift for the special cook in your life.

Neatniks Bibs (Life's a Stitch) - custom embroidery at it's best. Professional digitizing, logos, names, and personalization.

The ALCHAR Printing Group - An interesting cast of characters that can just about handle any printing challenge for the small to medium size business and then some...

Tis Tasty - Jams, Jellies and other delicious, homemade natural food products from Grandma Alice in Oregon. Well worth the trip to the Northwest...

Whalen's Horseradish - Great folks with terrific products. Dan has been a tremendous influence in the Kitchen Kick'n development.

We've been here at the festival all day, and this is
the best-tasting product line we've had all day.
 — Anonymous,
at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival